The Defining Moment That Improved My Golf Game

By: Frank Longabucco, PGA Professional Certified in Instruction and Golf Operations,
Keiser University College of Golf Instructor

defining moment that improved my game
There are probably over a hundred defining moments in my younger days that helped me play better golf. The one that stands out in my mind would be when I realized that “staying behind the ball” would allow my driver to square up at impact. My problem at the time was moving ahead of the ball, which caused me to hit weak slices. By keeping my head behind the ball and creating more of a rear tilting spine angle at impact, the driver squared up and produced longer, straighter shots. This, in turn, allowed me to keep the ball in play, and my scores began to improve. Needless to say, this is still a primary swing thought even today, literally decades later.

demonstrating staying behind the ball

College of Golf Program Director Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional, demonstrating “staying behind the ball.”

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