College of Golf May 2017 Events

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Team Enjoys ‘Tech-Toy’ Training Day at Keiser University’s College of Golf

LPGA USGA Girls golf team L-R: Marina Karoleski, Presley Hines, Vanessa Berrios, Leila Aragon, Hali Carribis, Claire Keane, Professor John Callahan, Professor Donna White, Director Mary-Lee Cobick, and Haylie Turnquest. Keiser University Flagship Campus College of Golf recently hosted a West Palm LPGA-USGA Girls Golf “Tech-toy” Training Day at the university’s College of Golf indoor learning center. The middle and high school golfers rotated through several technology stations including: TrackMan launch monitor, V-1 Video Analysis, Foresight launch monitor, Golf Guru virtual golf platform, and the Swing Coach golf simulator.

Professors John Callahan, Donna H. White, and site director Mary-Lee Cobick managed the stations. At each station, the girls were asked to share what they were working on with their respective coaches. Immediate visual and data-driven feedback promoted understanding of stated learning goals. Each participant was emailed a personal swing video and TrackMan data to share with their personal swing coaches and parents. The girls trained for three hours, and one was overheard saying, ‘I just love this place!’ Flagship Campus Admissions Counselor Todd Dittmar stopped in to speak to the girls and several of their parents relating to Keiser University opportunities. As stated by one parent, ‘What an inspiring day!’


Keiser University College of Golf Students Enjoy Session from Local Legend

Bobby Clampett

As part of the Strategic Partnership between the Keiser University College of Golf and Impact Zone Golf™, Bobby Clampett, author of The Impact Zone, Champions Tour player, and TV broadcaster, visited the College of Golf and conducted a Short Game Clinic for students. Clampett engaged students with his experiences on the PGA and Champions Tours, his recent broadcast at The Masters tournament, his golf course design business, what inspired him to write his book, and finally his transition to the field of teaching. Noteworthy is the fact that Mr. Clampett is the only PGA Tour Player to achieve PGA Master Professional status in Instruction. Students had the opportunity to observe a world-class Short Game as Clampett demonstrated chipping, pitching and bunker techniques at the Outdoor Training Area. The exhibition was followed by a question and answer session.

Bobby Clampett Visit 4 20 17
Keiser University and The Impact Zone™ have a partnership which allows College of Golf students to achieve Impact Zone Player Certification and Impact Zone Associate Instructor Certification as part of the program. Also in attendance were Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Legacy Master Professional and Impact Zone Golf Master Instructor, Ken Martin, PGA Professional Certified in Instruction and General Management, and Impact Zone Golf Master Instructor, and Impact Zone Golf Certified Instructors Brian Hughes (PGA Master Professional), David Wixson (PGA Master Instructor), Frank Longabucco (PGA Instructor Certified in Instruction), John Callahan (PGA Instructor and Golf Magazine Top 100 Adjunct Instructor), and Donna White (PGA Instructor and LPGA T&C Hall of Fame member).


Keiser University College of Golf Coach Plays Important Role in Women Leaders Platform

Donna White, a professor at Keiser University’s College of Golf, has joined the PGA Magazine Women Leaders Platform as part of an initiative to reinforce the importance of women in golf and the valuable role they play in the growth of the industry. As part of the position, White will travel the nation and participate in a series of meetings along with other female PGA professionals to share ideas, discuss industry trends and opportunities. Dr. Eric Wilson, Keiser University College of Golf’s Executive Director of Golf Operations explained. “This is another example of the leadership displayed by Donna White in the golf industry and her caring dedication to growing the game of golf.”


Keiser University College of Golf Students Enjoy Field Trip to National Championship
COG student field trip to national championship

Keiser University College of Golf Business of Golf students recently attended the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Women’s National Golf Championship. Hosted by Keiser University, the event was held at the PGA National Golf Resort and Spa.

The advantage of the field trip for the students, many who have played in tournaments as contestants, was to gain further insight about the business aspects of the golf industry as discussed in the classroom. Aside from all the tournament activities, group members were asked to observe, note, and write an essay about the event and other happenings at the facility. They contemplated questions such as additional revenue opportunities for the host facility beyond golf returns, as well as the inherent business advantages and disadvantages in hosting such an event.

“It will be interesting to see if the students note any uncontrollable factors the facility and the host team encounters that will affect the outcomes of the event… like weather,” said their professor Donna White.

While presenting to the students, Won Lee, a Keiser University College of Golf alumnus, PGA of America apprentice, and PGA National Golf employee shared several similarities and differences of the work experience and expectations at a golf resort as compared to other types of golf facilities. Several times, he reiterated how his education at Keiser University’s College of Golf was most helpful to his success both at work and in his progression through the PGA of America apprenticeship program.

The field trip allowed students to integrate classroom theoretical concepts with actual real-world operations of a National Golf Championship, thereby deepening their learning experience.

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