Build your Putting Confidence with these Drills [Infographic]

Golf Putting Drills

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Build your Putting Confidence with these Drills

Here are a couple of drills that you can practice to improve your putting:

2 Ball Drill

This drill helps you to practice an accelerated stroke and to help you build your confidence in putting. Here’s how it works:

  • Place one ball 2 feet away from the hole.
  • Place another ball on the lip of the hole, in line with the first ball.
  • Practice putting in a way that you can make both balls at the same time.

PVC Drill

Drill number two involves no golf balls at all! Instead, it involves a section of PVC pipe that is just a little bit longer than the putter face. Here’s how it works:

  • If the heel and the toe of the putter hit the pipe at the same time, the pipe will roll straight.
  • If the pipe spins counter-clockwise, the toe hit the pipe first.
  • If the pipe spins clockwise, the heel hit the pipe first.

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