The Best New Golf Gear You Need in 2017

Golf Equipment
The days are getting longer and it is time to get the golf clubs out for a weekly, possibly daily, trip to the golf course.
But before you tee off, it might be time to add a new club or two to your golf bag.

Maybe you need some new threads to wear around the course and to turn heads in the clubhouse.

Whatever you’re in the market for, there is plenty of great new golf gear for the summer.

Titleist 917 D2 and D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D2 and D3 is a special golf club.

Anytime Titleist releases a new driver it is a big deal, and this could be the only new club you need in 2017.

The 917 has an adjustable weight that allows you to shift the center of gravity in the club’s head.

Adjusting the weight can put just a bit more zing in your next tee shot.

Reviews indicate that due to Titleist’s amazing design of the 917, even a poorly hit drive with the club should be better than a shot with any other driver.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

Sticking with drivers, Callaway has returned with another version of the famed Big Bertha.

The Fusion was created to give golfers the “straightest drive ever” with the club.

The Fusion is incredibly strong, but that doesn’t mean the weight has increased.

Golfers who love the Big Bertha series will fall in love all over again with the Fusion.

Titleist 716 AP2

Titleist irons are considered to be some of the top, if not the top, irons money can buy.

The newest model comes with a smaller head than the older versions, but you can expect the same sweet sound when making contact.

Reviews of the 716 indicate that it is a precision golf club, and while it may not help you strike a ball a long distance, it will get you where you need to go.

Scotty Cameron 2017 Futura Putter

The sci-fi looking Scotty Cameron 2017 Futura putter will turn a few heads on the putting green.

Pull this dynamic club out of your golf bag and everyone will notice.

The Futura comes in seven different head sizes and each has a built-in system that softens vibration.

The weight and construction of the putter also allows it to prevent twisting when putting.

Odyssey O-Works 2017

The Odyssey company have a great concept when it comes to the O-Works putter.

No matter the strike point on the putter’s head, your putt will stay in line and on target.

Odyssey’s new Versa Alignment Technology is perfect for keeping things straight on the green.

The putter comes in nine different head shapes. Whether you prefer a mallet or a blade, the Odyssey should help you line-up your next putt with ease.

Callaway Chev Golf Stand Bag

Hauling your clubs around the golf course can be tiresome and year after year, your bag can take a beating.
That is why it is always good to invest in a new golf bag every few years.

If you are going to have expensive clubs, you need a high-quality bag to tow them in, right?

Enter the Callaway Chev. This golf stand bag is perfect for beginner or veteran golfers.

The bag is light for those hot days walking up and down fairways, and durable for being on the move.

The Chev comes with seven club slots and soft padding to keep you from tiring while lugging your golf bag around 18-holes.

Under Armour Spieth One

There was a day when golf spikes were all one color and quite generic looking.

Those days are history as the big golf shoe brands now trot out spikes with far more flair than golfers of the past would have ever dreamed of.

The Under Armour Spieth One features design and feedback from major winner Jordan Spieth.

The Spieth One was created to stop foot rotation while swinging thanks to its traction cleats.

Coming in four colors, the Spieth One will get you noticed on the golf course for your impeccable fashion sense.

Puma 6 Pocket Pants

Love him or hate him, Rickie Fowler has the most fashion sense of anyone on the PGA Tour.

That is exactly why you need to check out his signature golf pants.

Puma has created these pants with the movements and motions of a golfer in mind.

The waistband is extremely functional and it allows you to twist and turn.

The fabric stretches with the body and wicks away moisture on hot days.

They are perfect for a day on the course.

Just remember, the Puma 6 Pocket Pants will help you look like Rickie Fowler, but they won’t help you play like him.
Another resource to help you on the course is Kesier University College of Golf.

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