Are You in a Slump? 2 Golf Exercises to Help with Your Posture

Are You in a Slump? 2 Golf Exercises to help with your posture

By Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research


Before you try these exercises, make sure to get clearance from your doctor and that they are appropriate for you, given your physical conditionDo not force any part of your body into these positions, and do not use weights.

Flexible shoulders are a must to play your best golf, and this means you need to exercise them — something that most people don’t do. Slumping of the shoulders often comes from sitting round-shouldered at a computer all day long, which, along with fouling your swing, can ruin your back and hamper your breathing.

Slumping often gets progressively troublesome – for every degree of shoulder slump, you lose approximately two degrees of shoulder rotation, and that spells POWER LOSS.

2 Golf Exercises to Help with Your Posture

This golfer could add a few yards to his swing just by removing the shoulder slump.

Below are two exercises that will make your shoulder area more flexible. 


Golf Exercise #1 – Shoulder Blade Squeezes


The key muscles here are the rhomboids, which pull your shoulder blades together. You can exercise them without weights by simply squeezing your shoulder blades gently together as though they were going to touch. At the same time, make sure your shoulders move downward and back. Repeat three sets of ten and hold each rep for ten seconds.


Blade Squeezes can also make a great warmup before and even during your round. 

2 Golf Exercises to Help with Your Posture - Shoulder Blade Squeezes

With the shaft of the driver down the center of your spine, try to touch your shoulder blades (10 times – three sets).

Golf Exercise #2 – Shoulder Flies


Sit in a chair and slowly bend forward until your spine parallels the ground. If it doesn’t want to go there, do not force it. When you meet resistance in any of these exercises – stop. 


Next, extend your arms out to the side as if you were going to flap them. Do three sets of 10, flapping for 30 seconds. 


Takeaway: These two simple exercises keep your shoulder area flexible, and in golf, flexibility leads to power. 

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