7 Ridiculous PGA Moments in 2017 [Infographic]

7 ridiculous pga moments in 2017
The PGA Tour was filled with its usual great drives and stellar putts this year. But the tour also featured some ridiculous moments that won’t soon be forgotten.

Let’s check out a few:

  • Jordan Spieth was penalized for stopping Louis Oosthuizen’s putt on the 12th hole of a four-ball match at the Presidents Cup. Spieth’s team lost the hole regardless of this.
  •  After nearly two decades, Sergio Garcia finally won his first PGA major tournament. His Masters win broke his bad luck in the big four.
  •  Jason Day’s high-tops and sweat pants look at the British Open was certainly a head turner over the summer. Especially with the LPGA condemning the ladies’ fashion sense days before.
  •  At the PGA Championships first round, Spieth made an incredible 71-foot putt. He turned a three-putt hole into a two as he sank the following shot.
  •  In March, The Rock claimed to have a longer driver than the best PGA pros. How far? Just 490-yards! The only evidence of his drive is a photo on Instagram. PGA players dismissed his ridiculous claim.
  •  On the 4th hole at the 99th PGA Championship, Joost Luiten turned a miserable tournament into a memorable one. Luiten sunk a one-bounce hole in one.
  •  John Rahm was one of the rising stars of 2017. At the PGA Championship, he reminded everyone why with a no look, one handed, backward shot from just inside the hazard line. The chipped shot found its way to the green where he made bogey.

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