7 Golf Apps Worth Checking Out [Infographic]

7 Golf Apps Worth Checking Out
Having a great app can take your golf game to the next level

1. Golf
V1 Golf allows users to analyze their swing by recording themselves hitting a golf ball. Users can also compare their golf swing with the swings of professionals from a variety of professional golf tours.

2. Hole19
The app has information on more than 39,000 golf courses. It can give you GPS information on yardage and more. It won’t tell you which clubs to use, but you will get exact yardage to the hole.

3. The Official Rules of Golf
If you have trouble remembering the rules when you hit the links, then The Official Rules of Golf app is for you. This app will settle any problems you and your buddies have.

4. Everyday Golf Coach
This app features nearly 40 videos that will give you tips on improving your swing, putt and lining up your shot. There are also tools that let you analyze your swing.

5. WGT Golf Lite
A simple video game featuring a closest to the hole challenge. Play nine holes with your friends no matter where in the world they are located. You can also see how well you compare against others in the global leaderboard.

6. FunGolf
This app has shot-tracking capabilities, so you know where and how far you’ve just driven your tee shot. Plus maps of 33,000 golf courses. Perhaps the coolest part of FunGolf is that it will suggest the club you should use.

7. Mobitee Golf
The app on your cell phone connects to a device on your golf club. The device gathers loads of information on your game and relays it to your phone. GPS, distance and more can be recorded.

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