6 Phenomenal Chipping Tips [Infographic]

6 phenomenal chipping tips

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6 Phenomenal Chipping Tips

Improving your chip shot is an essential factor in shaving some strokes off your score. Here are some tips to help give you a better chip shot.

  1. Keep the ball a little bit back in your stance.
  2. Give a bit more forward shaft lean through impact.
  3. Clean the grooves of your club before your shot.
  4. Don’t allow your club to go above knee level.
  5. Practice chipping with different clubs.
  6. Make sure your hips are following through a little.

Check out some tips in action.

Once you start making better chip shots, your overall game will see some improvement. Ready to work on your game while also working on a golf degree? Contact us today at (888) 355-4465.

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