5 Ways to Enjoy Golf this Winter

Winter Golf
Winter is upon us, and many of the regions across the United States will be experiencing chilly weather.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get away to Arizona, Florida, Texas or Southern California to play golf this winter.

Even if you are unable to go to a warmer region, you can still enjoy playing golf during the winter months at home.

It may not be the best time of the year to play, but it is better than missing out on your favorite sport for a few months.

There are certain things you should keep in mind when hitting the golf course during the winter months.

If you can remember these tips, you should be able to enjoy a round or two even when the mercury drops.

Be realistic

One of the most important aspects of playing in winter is to be realistic.

Don’t go out on to a course affected by inclement weather and expect the course to play the same as it would during the summer months.

Fairways and greens won’t play the same in winter as they will during the better months.

Due to the poor playing conditions, you shouldn’t expect to perform the same as you do when the course is in better shape.

You may not be able to play to your handicap, but it isn’t something to worry about.

Just enjoy being outside playing golf, and practice having good technique.

Increase the body temperature

You should be sure to hydrate during a round of golf, even in winter and stay away from alcohol.

It is important to consume drinks that increase your metabolism.

Coffee, tea and other hot caffeinated drinks can increase the core body temperature.

It is recommended to drink a hot drink 60 minutes prior to stepping on to the golf course.

This will give the caffeine in coffee or tea the chance to kick-in.

Protein also helps to increase the metabolism, so chow down on a protein rich meal before teeing off.

Prepare for spring and summer

When the weather turns cold in early November, many golfers shelve their clubs until March.

That is a four-month layoff.

Missing out on four months of golf can cause a player to be quite rusty once they resume in the spring.

That means you will spend the first few weeks getting back into golf shape and recalling your mechanics.

Therefore, playing through the winter gets a golfer ready to hit the ground running once the warm months come around.

In addition, colder weather, rain and poor course conditions teaches a golfer how to adapt.

Experts say that playing on the same courses and experiencing the same great conditions teaches a player to play just one way.

Playing through the winter gives you the chance to learn more.

It also gives you a chance to experiment, and by the time March rolls around, you could have a few new tricks up your sleeve.

golf career
Layer up

It is important to wear the right clothes when you set out for 18-holes during the winter months.

In colder climates, it is vital that you layer your clothing.

According to golf clothing experts, serious golfers will use three layers when playing.

You should begin with a base layer.

The first layer will give you warmth and keep you dry as you walk around the course.

A second layer of warm dry clothing should be placed over the base layer to further keep the body warm and heat in.

Finally, the third layer should be an outer layer that provides a shell over the other clothing.

This can include a wind or rain resistant top or bottoms that are allowed by the course or club.

If you wear too many layers or restrictive clothing, however, you won’t be able to play up to your usual standards.
So, pay attention to the clothes you pull on before teeing off.

Keep your body warm

Layering up is one way to stay warm, but there are other ways to keep from quitting early due to the cold.

Hand warmers are brilliant devices that will keep your hands warm in between shots.

Add an extra pair of socks to your feet before you lace up your golf shoes.

It provides extra warmth and can keep your feet from getting wet.

In addition, golfers should resist using a golf cart as walking will keep your blood flowing.

Playing during the winter months cannot only improve your golf game, but it can be plenty of fun.

So, layer up, get a warm drink and be realistic.

If all of that fails, however, you can always move some place warm year-round.

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