5 Reasons Traditional Golf Shoes are Worth It


By Bradley Turner Keiser University College of Golf Director of Online Golf Instruction – MBA, PGA

For those new to the game of golf, acquiring the best equipment and golf gear can become a costly endeavor. The novice can view traditional golf shoes as a simple upgrade to an athletic sneaker, but that would be a mistake. Every professional golfer uses golf shoes because a shoe can improve your overall golf performance. You may have seen a few commercials on golf telecasts claiming that their golf shoes can help you hit the ball farther. The science behind that claim is absolutely true. This article will share some good reasons to buy a new pair of golf shoes and help you play to your potential while looking stylish on the links.


Most of us have experienced an occasion where we slipped on a floor surface. The shoes you were wearing could not create friction or grip between the sole of your shoe and the floor surface. Imagine taking that situation to an extreme level, such as standing on the ice with leather sole shoes. How difficult would it be to make a golf swing in that scenario?

The golf course conditions also make it advantageous to wear golf shoes. Wet weather conditions increase the probability of slipping unless your shoes have adequate spikes to maintain traction. Golf is not played on a flat surface like most popular sports we see on television; baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and soccer are all played on relatively flat fields or surfaces. In golf, you will have uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies requiring the best grip possible between your feet and the grass. Your favorite pair of sneakers will NOT provide the support you need on the golf course.


A traditional leather sole shoe is functional for walking on flat surfaces, but the golf course requires constant adjustment to the topography of the golf course. Golf shoes provide stability not only during the golf swing but also when walking on the golf course. There are plenty of slopes on a golf course that can cause problems, especially if there is any moisture on the ground. The sole of the golf shoe provides better traction, and the inner sole’s design helps improve the feet’ stability.

Several years ago, I was attending the Masters at Augusta National. There had been significant rain over the first few days of the tournament, so I was prepared to wear my golf shoes. Augusta National has some massive elevation changes, and I knew that stability and traction would be an issue. Unfortunately, cell phones are not allowed at the Masters, as I could have created a viral video with the number of patrons I saw slip and slide their way around the golf course. Beautiful white sundresses with matching sandals are no match for a golf course like Augusta National.


An important fundamental in good golf swings is the players’ ability to stay balanced when striking the golf ball. The golf swing is a powerful and athletic motion. Most sporting activities have shoes specifically designed to help athletes perform to their potential. Golf is no different. Hitting a golf ball with authority requires a shift of pressure from one foot to the other in a proper sequence. Golf shoes are designed to support the dynamic movement of the feet during the golf swing. For some golfers, their foot movement is not fundamentally sound, resulting in problems with balance. A quality golf shoe can improve the balance of any golfer, especially those with poor foot movement. Over time and use, the material of a golf shoe can get stretched out on the side of the shoe. This reduces the stability of the shoe, resulting in further balance issues during the swing. The solution is a new pair of quality golf shoes!


Everyone will get this question correct. Which surface provides the best support for throwing a baseball at a high rate of speed, a pitcher’s mound or a hockey rink? You all know the answer, but do you know technology can now measure how this all works? Ground force reaction is a term used that measures the pressure of a golfer’s foot as it pushes against the ground. The ideal use of ground forces has been proven to increase clubhead speed in all golfers. The ability to have a stable and balanced platform (your feet) is one aspect of creating higher clubhead speeds. So, good golf shoes can help you hit it farther.


A wide selection of golf shoes is available with price points for every golfer. The two important considerations are comfort and style when you purchase any shoe. Those considerations are the same in golf shoes, but you should add one more aspect to consider. Golf shoes can become very uncomfortable when playing in cold and wet weather conditions. You should consider waterproof golf shoes if you play golf in a climate where rain is expected. Spending four to five hours on a golf course with wet feet is not a pleasant experience.

Comfort and style may be your primary focus in the purchase of a new pair of golf shoes. But make sure that the traction and shoe support improves your stability and balance in the golf swing. With your new golf shoes, you can squeeze out a few more yards with the drive while looking as good as the professionals on television.

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