5 Golf Trends of 2018 [Infographic]

5 Golf Trends for 2018
Golfers have more choice that ever when it comes to the sport in 2018. Equipment, clothes, shoes, and even golf technology have spoiled everyone for choice.

Due to the games continued evolution, golf companies are continuing to create great new items for players.
With 2018 upon us, here are 5 golf trends of 2018 you should know about:

  1. Under Armour golf clothes: The company that started off making base layers for football players has designed some of the most innovative golf shirts for summer wear. The CoolSwitch Brassie Polo wicks body heat away during hot summer days.
  2. Air Jordan golf shoes: Jason Day turned heads with these at The Open. Now, every golfer looking to style and profile can do the same with a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes on the green.
  3. Blades: 2018 will see the blade become even more popular amongst everyday golfers. Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade are bringing back the club this year and making it better than ever for the non-professional.
  4. Antigua ladies collection: Antigua has produced a line of colorful women’s golf clothing for spring 2018. The outfits are LPGA approved, as long as the organization doesn’t create a new dress code rule this year.
  5. Tech takeover: Golf tech is becoming more widely used on golf courses. In 2018, more golfers will be using iPhone and Android apps while playing 18-holes. Don’t be surprised if golfers are consulting apps rather than caddies before a shot on your local course.

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