Golf Coaching

While attending the PGA Merchandise Show last week in Orlando, Florida, I ran into a good friend and fellow Master Professional, Ed Ibarguen, General Manager and Director of Golf at the Duke University Golf Club. Ed was kind enough to introduce me to a book titled Annual Review of Golf Coaching 2010, published by the Multi-Science Publishing Company, Ltd. and edited by Dr. Simon Jenkins. The book description on the back cover reads: “Most Tour Players now have a number of different coaches to help them with the mental, physical and technical sides of the game. Today, therefore, it is more relevant to talk of ‘Golf Coaching’ rather than simply ‘Golf Instruction’ or ‘Golf Teaching.’

The mission of this technical and peer-reviewed publication is to bridge the gap between scientific and practical knowledge in golf. The articles in the Annual Review can be placed into five categories: Swing Technique and Biomechanics; Technology & Feedback; Psychology of Performance and Practice; Golf Development and Coach Education; and Strength and Conditioning. The best of recent research is brought to the lay reader along with expert contributions from leading figures in the coaching world. “While I have not yet received copies of the 2007-2009 publications, I was very intrigued with the leading article in the 2010 edition: “Digging It Out of the Dirt: Ben Hogan, Deliberate Practice and The Secret” by Dr. Simon Jenkins. Follow up commentaries were provided by Anders Ericsson/Len Hill, Stephen Cobley/Joseph Baker, Kyle Paquette/Jon Roy, Christopher Bertram, Ed Ibarguen, Fran Pirozzolo, Dr. Gary Wiren, Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Lee Crust, and Tom Ferraro. The information in this publication is most interesting and the Editorial Board reads like a “Who’s Who” in the golf coaching/instruction community. If you are interested, you can purchase this book at

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