College of Golf Student on Long Drive Circuit


Upon his return from the long-drive competition, Josh was asked to provide a first-hand account of his experience, which follows:

Recently, I competed in my first Long Drive event on the Long Drivers’ Circuit. The event was held at the championship driving grid in Mesquite, Nevada on Sunday March 28. Going out there, I was unsure of what to expect from my fellow competitors and the atmosphere of the event. Waking up Sunday, I was wired and ready to go.

I was one of the first competitors to arrive and soon saw a tee box with my name on it. Right then I knew that this was no joke. Seeing tees with names consisting of Dewald Gouws, David Mobely, Allen McDougall, and Steve Monroe, I knew it was game time. In the first round, I went OB 6 out of 6 balls and put myself in a real hole to start, going directly to the losers’ bracket.

I gathered myself and prepared for the next round. I was up against a long-drive legend, David Mobely, who won the World Remax Long Drive Championship in 2005. I hit a long ball of 336 yards that set and topped out the others in my group, allowing me to advance to Round 4. Come round 4, the wind started to pick up and the grid was becoming more and more susceptible to lower ball flights.

Having only 7.5 deg heads, I knew I was in a bit of trouble, but still had great confidence going to the next round. I hit 5 of 6 balls in the grid, with the long being 330 yards 3 inches. After Round 4 was complete, I learned that I was just 4 yards short of advancing to round 6; in long-drive competitions, every yard matters.

Instead of getting down on myself for not advancing as far as I would have liked, I took the positives from the situation. Being able to meet some of the longest hitters in the world and know that I competed on the same stage as them is a great feeling.

I plan on attending the next LDA event called The Texas 2 Step in June. Tee it high and let it fly.

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