10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Golf

By Bradley Turner Keiser University College of Golf Director of Online Golf Instruction – MBA, PGA

The sports entertainment and leisure industry is always battling for the discretionary income of potential customers. Many activities are available to satisfy the sporting enthusiast, such as fishing, hunting, tennis, bowling, and pickleball. For those interested in taking up a new hobby or leisure activity, golf is a sport with many benefits that make it an ideal choice to consider. There are many unique benefits to playing the game of golf, something that other leisure sports cannot offer. In this article, I have listed the top ten reasons to start playing golf.

Anyone Can Play

This is what makes golf a great sport to play; anyone has the potential to learn the game. You can learn to play golf if you are physically capable of swinging a golf club. If you decide to start playing golf, find a golf coach and learning program near you to help you get a solid foundation in the game. Do not be a do-it-yourselfer! Renovating a bathroom is a do-it-yourself project. Golf is an activity where a good golf coach can be a lifesaver to your new hobby.

It is a Healthy Hobby

Golfers live longer! A Swedish study suggests that golfers can expect to live five years longer than the average person. In another interesting analysis of Champions Tour players, the life expectancy of these players is 87 years, while the US male life expectancy is 76 years. Finally, research has found that low-handicap golfers live longer than any other golfer!  What does this all imply? To be a low handicap golfer or reach the highest skill level of a Champions Tour player, you must play a lot of golf! The more golf you play, the longer you will live…so says the research!

Enjoy Nature and the Outdoors

Golf is for you if you like spending time outdoors with mother nature. Mark Twain once wrote, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” Twain must not have been able to appreciate nature while searching for his lost golf ball in the woods. As for me, I have seen all kinds of wildlife on golf courses that can make the golf experience even better. There is also an amazing variety of golf course topography and ecosystems that only nature can create. Mother Nature is undoubtedly the best artist, and with golf, you can experience a wide array of her paintings.

Build New Relationships

The social benefits of the game transcend into new relationships with fellow golfers. Golf is also a business sport where relationships with vendors and strategic partners can be developed and nurtured while on the links. A golf course is a beautiful venue for a business meeting where you can share a great experience with clients and partners.

Enhance Your Family Experiences

Golf is the perfect sport to get the family together and play a weekly round of golf. An afternoon round of golf followed by a nice family dinner…better than Thanksgiving.  

Play Golf for a Lifetime

Unlike many sports we are introduced to early in life, such as baseball, softball, basketball, football, and track and field, golf can be played until the very end! Golf is a low-impact sport, so the game can be enjoyed at any age. The National Golf Foundation studied avid junior golfers who played 25 times a year. By the time these golfers reached 55, the research had revealed that 100% of these junior golfers were still playing golf. If you get addicted to the game at a young age…there is no cure for quitting the game. You will play for the remainder of your life!

Golf Can Improve Your Mental Health

There is growing evidence that golf can improve your overall mental health. Dr. Jacquelyn Turner from Morehouse School of Medicine said that research shows that golf releases hormones that reduce stress and anxiety. In a nation where Americans are bombarded with electronic stimuli, golf gives you a chance to unplug from a fast-paced lifestyle and recharge your mental batteries.

Golf is a Challenging Game

Hall of Fame golfer Arnold Palmer said it best, “Golf is deceptively simple, yet endlessly complicated.” Golf seems simple when you play well, but it can become very complicated when you struggle. Golf is a physical and mental challenge for those that want to play well. However, plenty of golfers enjoy the game’s challenge without making it a complicated and frustrating endeavor.

You Do Not Have to Be Great to Have Fun

There is no evidence to suggest that better golfers have more fun playing the game than less skilled golfers. There are many ways to have fun playing the game. One of the most enjoyable ways to play is one that golfers fail to implement. Simply play golf without keeping score! Unless you play in a competition, there is no rule requiring you to keep a score. To participate in organized golf tournaments, you must establish an official handicap. An official handicap requires you to record your scores into a handicap system.

Every Golf Course is Unique

There are over 15,000 golf courses in America. Each one offers golfers a diverse level of challenge, aesthetics, climate, design features, and overall experience. No two golf courses are the same! This allows golfers to travel around the country to enjoy new destinations and golf courses. There is no other sport quite like golf regarding variety and unique experiences!

Where to Go for Help

If you choose to start playing golf, here are two websites that can provide information on learning the game from a quality golf coach. I suggest you find someone close to you and then build a good relationship with your coach. There is a good chance there is a GolfTec learning center close to where you live. For more information, visit their website at The other website is through the PGA of America and provides contact information for PGA Certified professionals in your area. Visit this site at

If you’d like to study with Bradley Turner and other PGA Master Professionals, contact the College of Golf today.

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  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how golf could improve a person’s overall mental health. I want to improve both my physical and mental health, so I am thinking of playing sports. Playing golf sounds like a really great choice, so I am planning to look for a nearby golf course.

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