Golf Management, BS


Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science in Golf Management prepares students for a variety of positions in the golf industry. In this program, students are prepared to provide golf instruction, manage golf course operations, ensure appropriate maintenance of golf facilities and equipment, as well as integrate the play of golf into the broader hospitality and recreation domain. Through a competency-based education format and state-of-the practice golf training equipment, students are given opportunities for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives.


  • To develop a student’s ability to apply health and fitness assessments in the development, monitoring and motivation of individuals with exercise prescriptions.
  • To prepare students to properly conduct and monitor exercise sessions in both healthy and special populations.
  • To prepare students to manage their own business in the field of health and wellness and to utilize sports marketing and promotion techniques.
  • To assist students in understanding health risk factors, physiological adaptations to exercise and psychological factors associated with fitness and exercise programs.
  • To assist students in understanding and applying basic bio-mechanical principles.


Program Outline

To receive a Bachelor of Science in Golf Management, students must earn 120.0 credit hours. Program requirements are as follows:

Lower Division Golf Management Courses ( 36.0 credit hours )

  • Traditions of Golf: History and Culture
  • Golf Swing Fundamentals
  • Short Game Fundamentals
  • The Mental Approach to Golf
  • Fundamentals of Golf Instruction
  • Golf Club Fitting and Repair
  • Rules of Golf
  • Tournament Management
  • Golf Course Design and Maintenance
  • Club Management
  • Advanced Golf Instruction
  • The Business of Golf

Upper Division Golf Management Courses ( 27.0 credit hours )

  • Golfer Development Programs
  • Principles and Science of Coaching
  • Golf Marketing
  • Venue and Event Management
  • HR Management for the Golf Profession
  • Sport Administration and the Law
  • Golf Management Seminar
  • Advanced Professional Golf Management
  • Advanced Rules of Golf

Upper Division Electives ( 21.0 credit hours )
Students may include the elective courses listed below or other qualified upper division courses in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, or Business. The Program Director or Academic Dean may approve other courses for substitution.

  • Nutrition in Health Science
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Advanced Care/Prevention of Athletic Injury
  • Advertising/Promotion Management
  • Introduction to Management/Org Behavior Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Lower Division General Education Courses (26.0 credit hours)

Note: All lower division major and general education courses must be successfully completed before upper division courses are undertaken.