Golf Tips

Check back often for the latest golf instructional information from the College of Golf at Keiser University.

PGA Master Professional David Wixson describes the basics of putter fitting and the importance of a correct fit for optimum golf performance.

Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Master Professional and Impact Zone Master Instructor, demonstrates ways to practice ideal impact positions. Golf instructors agree that impact is not a static position but rather a position through which me move.

PGA Professional Frank Longabucco teaches students how to practice pitch shots at home with limited time. The pitch shot is a small version of the full swing and by perfecting this motion through the ball the student is able to transfer this to the full swing.

Training aids are an important part of golf improvement, and the hinged putter is an excellent training device that improve tempo and rhythm in the putting stroke. Dr Eric Wilson demonstrates.

Being able to move from the practice range to the course is one of the most difficult parts of the game for the average golfer, and nowhere does this show as much as with short putting. Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional and Keiser University Golf Program Director, discusses confidence in short putting and gives some great tips for improvement.

Golf fitness is becoming more and more important at all levels of the game, and in this video Keiser University Sports Medicine Professor Brett Cook demonstrates the benefits of using a foam roller during your training or warm up sessions.

PGA Certified Professional Ken Martin of the Keiser University College of Golf is one of the best players in the South Florida PGA section and has competed in both the US Senior Open and the Senior PGA Championship. In this video tip he demonstrates the best way to improve bunker play.

Club repair is becoming more science than art, and in this video Jesse Dake from the Keiser University College of Golf gives a quick demonstration of how to use an air compressor to regrip a club.