Will Tiger Woods Be "Back"?
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Come Back
Just a few years ago, who would have thought we’d be looking at the world of professional golf, and Tiger Woods would be stuck on 14 major championships?
Who could have predicted that Tiger would be a “bit player” fighting to make the cut in regular season PGA Tour events, not to mention major championships?
While Jordan Speith, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, and other young guns have stepped up and filled the void, it still isn’t the same as in 2000, when, as Walter Hagen used to say, “Who is going to finish second to me this week, boys?”

Tiger dominated in a way that few have in both amateur and professional golf.

In 2000, I was looking forward to seeing just how far Tiger would go and wondering when and what he would do as he transitioned into the Champions Tour age range.

Now, I tune in to see just how badly Tiger will play and how many awful shots he will hit. It’s a sad day for golf enthusiasts, and probably a sad day in Tiger’s camp, as well.

Brendan Mohler, writing for GOLF online, summed it up: “Following his second back surgery in the last two years, Tiger Woods seems to have tempered expectations for what remains of his career—at least according to Notah Begay III, Woods’ close friend and former college teammate at Stanford.

Begay said that Woods post-surgery is “giving it a little extra time to heal up before he starts rehabilitation.

He’s just spending a lot of time at home and going to soccer games and watching Sam and Charlie play their fall soccer.

It’s hard. It’s a challenge to be on the couch, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Speaking on an NBC Sports conference call, Begay touched on Woods’ expectations for 2016, which, if an accurate reflection of Woods’ thinking, represent maybe the first time the 14-time major winner has come close to publicly acknowledging that he’s reached the twilight of his career.

‘I think he has a clear understanding with where he’s at in regard to his career that the sun is setting,’ Begay said.

‘He’s very fair about where he’s at with his career and his body, and he’s certainly not going to go down without a fight, without trying to do everything he can to get back to a world-class

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