My Wilkinson Cup Caddie Experience By Connie Rummel

As a student at the College of Golf, I was excited when the memo came around for volunteers to be caddies for a small LPGA charity event at none other than PGA National. I had heard stories about the guys caddying for the Honda Classic and was anxious for my opportunity.
It was an up-before-the-crack-of-dawn morning, as it was a 7AM show time and I had a 2-hour commute. I arrived at least 30 minutes early, a chill still in the air, and anxiously waited. We were checked in one by one, each of us excited to see who our player was.
I was thinking we were caddying for the amateurs, but that wasn’t the case for all. I have to admit I was envious when fellow class mates got Christina Kim, Sandra Gal, and Brittany Lincicome – all players I knew and had watched, both on TV and in person.
My turn came, and I wasn’t familiar with my draw. I soon found out the bag I was on had 10 top-10 finishes on the LPGA tour, and had been a contestant on the Big Break Prince Edward Island. How exciting!
We all waited behind a four-foot wall designed to hide us out until our players arrived. We were all chasing cars. It was a lot of fun to watch each guy as their player was called and they exited, grabbed their bag, and headed to the range.
I was one of the last few caddies awaiting arrival. I have to be honest, I was hoping (being the only female there) that my pro had downsized for the day. Of course not!
Pure Silk bright pink cart bag! I was a little worried. Finally, my turn, Gerina Piller showed up! I exited to get her bag and she walked up to me, introduced herself, and then it was my turn to shuffle off to the range. Again, I waited.
As an inspiring golf instructor, it was a joy to stand and watch all the other professionals preparing for their round. They all had their unique techniques and styles – all of us had our cameras out, preserving as many memories as we could.
As if that wasn’t excitement enough, I got to walk 18 holes with the 41st ranked LPGA tour player, ranked 4th in driving distance in 2014!
I even heard one of the guys say, “I wish I hit like a girl!” All in all, caddying was a great experience for me. I can’t wait for the next opportunity. Gerina Piller gained a lifelong fan last Saturday.