Turf Management Golf Class Field Trip: The Legacy Turf Care Center

College of Golf instructors Frank Longabucco and David Wixson took each of their Turf Management Classes to visit The Legacy Turf Care Center. Students had a chance to speak withthe superintendent Mr. Mike Skalski.  Mr. Skalski did a wonderful job explaining all aspects of maintaining the golf course and staying within budget, a key concern for anyone planning on a career in this aspect of golf.

He spoke about verticutting, coring, fertilizing and many other programs.  He explained the different types of turf grass on the course, scheduling, managing staff, water restrictions, preventive maintenance and much more.  Students also metwith the mechanic, Steve, who showed students the difference between relief grinding and spin grind to keep the mower blades sharp.  The staff at The Legacy Turf Care Center also spoke about the communication between the entire maintenance staff, all departments at the club and the membership. They also took questions from students and were extremely hospitable to our students.

Students got to tour the turf care center learning about all the different types of equipment and there functions.  The students learned the importance of advanced planning, communication, relationship building and sustainability.  The trip reinforced many of our discussions in the classroom and was a great experience had by all.

Students will have an oral quiz and essay due about their experiences and what they learned. This was a great experience for our students, and just one of the many ways you too can learn about the field of golf by attending the College of Golf. For more information about the College of Golf please visit our website CollegeofGolf.KeiserUniversity.eduContact us today!