Top 10 Golf Training Aids [Infographic]

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Top 10 Golf Training Aids

To get the most out of your game, you need to prepare with the best golf training aids possible.
The training aids will improve your performance and results.
Which training aids will improve your score this summer?

  1. Orange Whip

It’s a golf swing trainer and fitness item that will help golfers with their mechanics.

  1. Mi Putting Template

The Mi Putting Template is a mat created to give golfers a visual response to their putting.

  1. Callaway Zenith Golf Hitting Net

All golfers need a hitting net in their backyards as it allows you to practice your mechanics, swing and driving.

  1. PutterWheel

The PutterWheel is a golf ball without sides and hitting it correctly will send it rolling away like a wheel. Hit it incorrectly, and it wobbles, just like your regular putt. This training aid will improve your work on the green.

  1. Chipping Net

If you need work on chipping the ball onto the green, look no further than the Callaway Chip Shot Golf chipping net. The net offers five targets in one that allows you to have fun while training.

  1. Medicus DualHinge Driver

This little gem will improve your swing. If it is swung out of tempo or off plane it will break at one of its hinges.

  1. BenderStik

This golf training aid is simple and can be used nearly anywhere. It will improve your swing and make you a more consistent golfer.

  1. Balance Rod

Having good balance and a proper stance is important to everything you do in golf. If you don’t start with the right stance, your swing will be off. The Balance Rod should clean up any problems you have with footwork.

  1. Putting Green Mat

Sounds simple, but so many golfers have problems on the green. So, why not get a putting mat that can be set up in the living room, office or backyard to ease those putting woes?

  1. Swinglyde

Swinglyde creates the ideal hinge position at the climax of your backswing. It will correct any errors when you swing and can be used during practice.

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