Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey Wins on the PGA Tour with his "Unorthodox" Swing

What’s the world coming to? With all the high-priced swing gurus and coaches, the high-end launch monitor technology such as Trackman, and the computer generated swing analysis software on the market, how does someone like Tommy Gainey beat the best players in the world with an admittedly different swing motion? Maybe we place too much emphasis on the “ideal” golf swing model and optimum launch conditions as reported/recorded by cameras, lasers, radars, and computers. Maybe we should look at the great champions whose swings weren’t “ideal,” but who found ways to get the ball in the hole and post wins on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. Players like Miller Barber, Lee Trevino, Jim Furyk, Calvin Peete, Raymond Floyd, Doug Sanders, Don January, Alan Doyle, and Bubba Watson to name a few. As Tommy Gainey said during an interview, “the only important thing in the swing is just prior to and after impact.” This sounds very familiar to those of us who are Impact Zone Certified and Master Instructors. Our philosophy is exactly that – the most important six inches in the golf swing are the two inches prior to impact and the four inches after impact. How the golfer effectively arrives in this impact zone is a matter of “style.” Take a look at Tommy Gainey’s grip, certainly one that most instructors wouldn’t teach and would change immediately if they saw it.

Tommy’s extremely closed-face right hand is not what you normally see on a Tour player, let alone a Tour winner. However, when you study his impact position with a driver, you notice how closely his position matches that of the perennial winners on Tour.

Notice the flat left wrist, the cupped/bent right wrist, the forward shaft lean, and the tucked right elbow position. These are “textbook” positions for impact. Regardless of how Tommy gets to impact, he certainly arrives in a “classic” impact position, resulting in the ability to strike the ball with a repeating swing that produces world-class golf shots.

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