It seems like every time you watch a golf tournament on TV, you hear about the latest and greatest golf instruction guru, who guides his/her new student to victory or instant improvement.

When you attend a PGA or LPGA Tour event and watch the practice area, you see these gurus with video equipment and the latest training aids working with their players. Seems like technology has burst upon the golf scene in the last few years as a way to get better or learn the game quicker.

Search “golf instruction” on the internet, and you will get 14,900,000 sites to visit.

YouTube is full of golf instruction videos. Is video technology new to the game of golf? Not really, as Bobby Jones shot a classic series of video instruction in the 1930s, and they are still applicable today.

Still pictures of golf swings were taken in the early 1900s, and books like Practical Golf by Walter Travis (1901) and Great Golfers, Their Methods at a Glance by George Beldam (1904) used pictures to demonstrate proper positions in the golf swing. Is there a benefit to using technology to improve your game? Absolutely!

However, you must be cautious when attempting to duplicate golf swing positions recommended by golf instruction articles/videos/commercials. To get the most from technology, I strongly recommend you visit a PGA Professional who has experience in the use of video/technology and has spent years studying the golf swing.

Establish a partnership with the Professional, jointly set goals that you can work towards, and follow the Professional’s advice for practice, and you will see improvement.

Technology may not be the “magic bullet” that changes your golf game overnight, but in the right setting and with the right Professional, it can certainly shorten the learning curve and lead to lower scores and more enjoyment on the golf course.

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