Student-Student Match Play Championship

At the College of Golf students are participating in a student-student match play championship. Qualifying rounds will be conducted 5/7 and 5/8, with the qualifying team proceeding to match play format. Stay tuned to the College of Golf Blog for updates on these exciting student championship matches!

Blue Golf Team 4 Points vs. Red Golf Team 0 Points
Travis Glass & Andrew Melville defeated Hoon Lee & Sean McGuire 1 up
John Ripley & Ron Kirk defeated Keith Siddell & Nick Savoie 5 & 4
Adam Medcalf & Saddam Husain defeated Chris Dearth & Michael DeSimone 3 & 2
Scott Myers & Benji Williams defeated Nigel Fagan & Tyler Petroski 5 & 4

Red Golf Team 2 Points vs. Blue Golf Team 0 Points
Matt Kniaginin & Kamil Chojnicki defeated Andy Perez and Brett Schumaker 2 & 1
Jacob Kieronski & Travis Bell defeated Jarius Anderson & Keith Weachter 3 & 2
The format for these matches was better ball.

Field Trip to Hammock Creek Golf Club in Palm City, Florida
1st:  Justin Candelaria & Patrick Halim
2nd: Robert Sisca & Willie Spivey
3rd: Junghoon Lee & Bradley Roffer

All three teams shot 67 net better ball and places were decided according to USGA recommendations for breaking ties.  Fifty One Students participated.

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