Projected Changes in the Golf Industry [Infographic]

Golf Industry

As a future golf professional, having a projection for the future of your industry is a must. Here are some projected changes in golf participation in the coming years, and what they can mean for you.

Golfer Participation

  • Expect the number of golfers to grow by about three million by 2020. A growth rate of ~1%.
  • Rounds played per year are expected to gradually increase by 73 million rounds, or 15%.

The increase is based in part on the expected increase in golfers, and in part by the aging of the golfing population and the increased play frequency expected of those golfers.

Golf Course Supply and Demand Growth

Decade Courses Added Golfers Added (mm)
1960s 3,803 7.0
1970s 1,817 5.0
1980s 841 7.5
1990s 2,641 4.4
2000s 492 (-1.7)
2010s (projected) (-750) 3.1

We expect to see a net decline of between 500 and 1,000 golf courses in the 2010s. Combined with our projected increase in golfers, this means a rise in golfers per rounds of 18 holes.

Implications for Golf Course Operators

  • At the end of the decade the average number of golfers per golf course may rise by only 150 to 200 golfers.
  • Rounds will increase somewhat more, due to the aging of the baby boomer population.
  • One or two conversions from private club to public course can make a big difference, as can the closing of one or two courses or clubs.
  • Increases in golfers and rounds will not necessarily lead to proportionate increases in revenues, as aggressive pricing will continue to attract bargain-hunting golfers.

Implications for Golf Equipment Manufacturers

  • The golfer base is most likely to remain in the range of 25 to 30 million participants.
  • Significant upside or downside is unlikely unless the rates of new golf attraction and retention change.
  • Competition will remain fierce for the attention of a stable consumer base.
  • Due to increased competition and the possible lingering effects of the recession, price increases are an unlikely means to increased profitability.

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