Popular Golf Careers [Infographic]

Jobs in Golfing IndustryWant to turn your passion for golf into a career, but aren’t sure what kind of jobs are available to you? Check out this list of popular golf careers!

Golf Instructor

Teach golf in schools or as a professional coach.

Clubhouse Manager

Manage all services within the clubhouse reception, kitchen, and other areas.

Grounds Care

Maintain the golf course and surrounding buildings through landscaping.


Purchase merchandise for the golf shop and arrange them in a timely manner.

Golf Course Management

Ensure the course is kept in peak condition and handle all business functions.

Social Media Manager

Maintain social media accounts for a golf course, school, tournament, or other golfing business.


Tour the course with golfers to ensure that everyone is following the rules and enjoying themselves.

Marketing and Promotion

Build and implement marketing plans for golf businesses and events.


Assist players with duties such as carrying golf balls and dealing with equipment.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintain golf courses and guest satisfaction through proper maintenance and repair of equipment.

Golf Travel Agent

Help customers put together golfing vacations by connecting them with the right destinations.

Professional Player

Play golf competitively in tournaments suited to your skill and location.

Golf Blogger

Maintain a website with content related to the golfing industry.

Tournament Director

Manage all aspects of a golf tournament to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Golf Course Developer

Lead a team in the construction of a new golf course.


Use journalism skills to report on the latest news and developments in the golf world.

Golf Tournament Caterer

Manage a team and all aspects of catering for a golf tournament.

Club Tester

Test golf clubs to check for deformities and quality assurance.

Sales Representative

Work in a golf pro shop and help customers choose the best equipment and accessories.

Golf Photographer

Photograph tournaments , courses, and players as a freelance artist.

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