PGA Match Play Championship Or NBA Playoffs?

I find myself drawn more to watching the NBA Playoffs (even the first rounds) rather than watching the evening replays of the Match Play Championship. Not that match play isn’t, or can’t be, exciting; it’s just that the format doesn’t appeal much to me, other than in the President’s Cup or Ryder Cup events.

It will be interesting to see how TV ratings compare to other golf events throughout the year. One thing, of which I can be sure, the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay will have my full attention, as I will be glued to the flatscreen throughout all four days’ coverage. If I miss the final results of the Cadillac event, I’ll check the internet on Monday to find out the eventual winner. By the way, who won this event last year? Just can’t seem to remember – but I guess that is due to my advanced years.

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