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Our Partners

Impact Zone Golf

Impact Zone Golf is proud to be a part of Keiser University’s College of Golf, which is now offering Impact Zone Golf player certifications along with an Associate and Bachelor’s in Golf Management.

Impact Zone Golf is an industry leader in golf instruction, developed by PGA Tour veteran Bobby Clampett, focusing on IMPACT BASED® GOLF INSTRUCTION, not swing style.

Keiser University’s team of Certified Impact Zone Instructors have been trained personally by Bobby Clampett and now, you can too be a licensed Impact Zone Golf Instructor with the curriculum at Keiser University College of Golf.

All of our partner academies are home to state-of-the-art technology that produces measurable results. Data driven, objective teaching to create game improvement. A student’s improvement begins with our 3-Step Process, an Impact Assessment, a training regimen resulting in a Breakthrough, which when achieved starts the process all over again, guaranteeing a golf game that continually gets better.

Impact-Based instruction works for golfers of all levels, from Beginners to Professional Tour Stars. Every student comes to understand that golf is no longer a mystery nor an enigma as they may have believed.  Every shot tells a story that begins with impact. As understanding increases, so does making proper assessments and corrections, leading to rapid improvement.  Students will be supported with numerous benefits in learning, such as books authored by Bobby Clampett and his new Impact Zone Golf Digital Academy with hours of tips, drills and content created by Bobby Clampett himself and other certified instructors.