College of Golf Keiser University offers an extremely advanced and effective education delivery format that optimizes the student learning experience while providing plenty of time for golf practice, instruction, and play opportunities. College of Golf Keiser University classes begin every month throughout the calendar year.

In the first two months of the program, students will enroll in one of four entry-level classes, depending on the month they start. These classes are Strategies for Success, Traditions of Golf: History and Culture, Swing Fundamentals, and Short Game Fundamentals, and will be repeated sequentially. Students will attend class three hours each morning (usually 8:00am – 11:00am), four days a week, for four weeks.

At the end of four weeks, students will enroll in the next class. This format, unlike the traditional college model, allows students to focus on one topic/subject at a time and get to know the PGA Instructor extremely well.

In the third month, students will begin taking General Education courses on-line. These classes, such as Introduction to Computers and English Composition, will be spread over a two-month time frame to allow students the golf practice and play times they need.

Students are provided ample on-line orientation prior to beginning classes and have Instructors available to mentor and assist them throughout the golf core and on-line courses. For those students who don’t like the idea of on-line courses, on-ground courses will be offered instead.

This format continues throughout the remainder of the sixteen-month program, culminating with an Associate of Science Degree in Golf Management.

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