Mark Dionisio Completes Bachelor of Science Degree at Keiser University Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology

Keiser University Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology (SMFT) program student Mark Dionisio completed his Bachelor of Science degree on Thursday with a Capstone presentation of his thesis on Carbohydrate Loading for Endurance Training to a panel of four SMFT and College of Golf staff members and instructors.

Mark’s presentation was detailed, extensive, and extremely professional, and included results of a research study he conducted to determine the effectiveness of carbohydrate loading on males and females who exercised for periods of 30 minutes. Using a PowerPoint presentation, props, and a stationary exercise bicycle, Mark delivered an impressive one hour explanation of his study and the results he collected. His conclusion was that the study “showed substantial improvements with high CHO (Carbohydrate) intake in a 30-minute cycling trial, performed at moderate intensity.” Mark also works in the SMFT Fitness Lab at The College of Golf with College of Golf students as part of a golf-specific exercise program that he develops for each golfer, based on his/her fitness profile and exercise goals.

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