Letter to College of Golf Faculty – Donna White

Here at the College of Golf we’re always amazed by our students. Their dedication and skill continues to impress us and now and again we receive letters like below that have us beaming with pride. Read along as prior College of Golf student Shawn Auguston shares his experiences


Sorry to keep bugging you with all my emails. But I am just so excited about how the lessons I have been teaching have been going. Today, Mrs. Andereck one of my students came in and told me she shot the lowest round she has ever had and was so excited. I talk a lot about you in my lessons, that they probably would know you if you walked up on the lesson tee. All the other ladies in the women’s golf association have started to now sign up with me also since the 6 students I am currently working with have been talking. So far the ladies I have been working with are starting to come in first second and third for their various events, as well as their husbands have been happy because now they are in contention on the couples nights.
Mrs. Hockel kept topping the ball, and I said without thinking “You keep popping up like a piece of toast”. (Something you had said to me) and she laughed and told me “I really enjoy your style of teaching” and by the time the lesson was done she was hitting the ball in the air and over the practice bunker and onto the green.

It feels so good to see them so excited. It’s better therapy than the VA!

A lot of the stuff that I do I have learned from you and so I just wanted to keep you posted. You hold a special place in my heart and I am glad to have been privedgled to have you as an instructor and mentor.

I use  what I learned from Dr. Wilson and Mr. Frank as well.  Everything I do at my job I try to go about in a way that someone would hold high respect for and be able to say he was a graduate of the College of Golf.

After the memorial tournament I start working on a junior camp that will go for 5 weeks. A lot of them are already hanging out in the proshop asking me questions and I have to tell them to go practice or they will talk my ear off. But it is so fun to see their passion.

During the memorial tournament our Taylormade rep is bringing over a bunch of wounded warriors to meet me and play golf. They are missing various limbs and I am excited to get to share my passion for golf and show them how this game can help to heal what we went through.

Next to God, my Family and the Army the College of Golf has been one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. I am so proud to be a graduate from there.

My boss Dennis North, PGA Professional and 1st Assistant Anthony Johnson PGA Professional are two of the best guys in the section. They are so willing to help me grow and spend time teaching me that I am so appreciative. I signed up for the PAT that was to be held on June 1st but it was canceled because of stressed course conditions. I am signing up for a later date. They both take the time to help me succeed with my dream of obtaining my class A status.

I know that with them and what I have learned from all of you at the College of Golf that I will see my goals passed excitedly and above all that I could hope for.

Shawn Augustson

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