Keiser University College of Golf Students Provide Training for Port St. Lucie Special Olympics Golfers

Eighteen Keiser University College of Golf students hosted seven Port St. Lucie Special Olympics golfers last Wednesday at The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance for the initial training session of 2012. The Special Olympians began preparation for their quest for medals in the state and national Special Olympics Golf Tournaments later this year. Four stations were set up – 1) Short putt, 2) Long Putt, 3) T-Golf, and 4) Full Swing irons and woods. Athletes rotated through the stations and were given instruction by the College of Golf students. Additionally, some College of Golf students rewarded athletes who sank putts at the long putt station (20+ feet) with push-ups. Training will be held once a week over the next few months and will conclude with a competition for the athletes.

Special Olympics athletes in attendance: Frank Vernoia, Alex Perry, Jessica Marchese, Kelsey Kuebler, Talona Barner, Malcomb Harris-Gowdy, and John Cuoco.

College of Golf students in attendance: Willie Spivey, Jarrett Ditmore, Corey Trammell, Jon Cornish, Michael Mikolajczak, Randall Miller, Mark Larson, Robert Kersting, Jerald Volkers, Tony Barber, Eric Rein, Frank Lostaglio, Glen Hunt, Darryl Schmiermund, Allen Cass, Brad Petashnick, and Frank Siric

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