Keiser University College of Golf Students Participate in Swing Fundamentals Golf Clinic

Keiser University College of Golf students participated in a clinic covering Grip, Aim, and Setup at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance as part of PGA Master Professional Brian Hughes’s Swing Fundamentals class on Tuesday. Following an in-depth discussion of the Pre-Swing Principles in class, students gathered at the range to conduct hands-on practice of Grip, Aim, and Setup. Students paired up and used checklists to evaluate each other’s grip placement, position, pressure, and precision, experimenting with different styles of grips and hand positions. They then worked on aim, determining if they set up too far left, too far right, or parallel to the target line. Finally, they evaluated each other’s setup, observing stance width, knee flex, spine angle/tilt, ball position, and arm hang. Next came experimentation, as each student changed grip, aim, and setup to feel how changes affect the golf swing. The next phase of the Swing Fundamentals class involves a classroom discussion of the eleven In-Swing Principles, followed by other sessions at the range to observe and refine the students’ golf swings.

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