Keiser University College of Golf Establishes Student Veterans Association

Keiser University College of Golf formed a Student Veterans Association (SVA) on Friday, March 30, 2012. Seventeen military veterans attended the meeting to develop the organization and elect officers. The following officers were elected: President – Jerold Ellstrom, Vice-President – Shaun Jeffers, Vice-President – Nick VanOverbeke, Secretary – Willie Spivey, and Treasurer – Mark Loder. Dr. Eric Wilson, Executive Director of Golf Operations, PGA Master Professional, and a 20-year veteran of the US Air Force will be the SVA’s Advisor, and Mr. Joe Reilly, Admissions Counselor, will be the COG Liaison. Mr. Reilly was the driving factor in establishing the SVA, and he spent countless hours coordinating with local and national branches of the SVA. The purposes of the organization are to:

            *Network with military members and veterans

            *Access a local veterans’ resource network

            *Attend recruiting events held by military-friendly employers

            *Attend SVA regional/national events

            *Get involved on and off campus

An open discussion followed the election of officers, and a list of concerns and actions was developed in anticipation of the next meeting and subsequent Executive Committee meetings. The College of Golf is proud to be the second campus in the Keiser University system to have a Student Veterans Association.

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