Keiser University College of Golf Conducts Impact Zone Golf Clinic

Dr. Eric Wilson, Executive Director of Golf Operations, PGA Master Professional, and Impact Zone Golf Master Instructor, conducted the first Impact Zone Golf Clinic in a series of three last Friday at The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance.

Fifteen College of Golf students attended the training, and Dr. Wilson was assisted by Mr. John Callahan, PGA Professional and Golf Magazine Top 100 Adjunct Instructor and Mr. John Ennen, College of Golf student, first Impact Zone Certified Player, and Impact Zone Associate Instructor.

The clinic covered an overview of the Five Swing Dynamics, and included drills and personal instruction on the first Two Dynamics. Students were overwhelmingly positive in their comments about improved ball-striking and the ability to control the flight of their golf balls.

The second Impact Zone Golf Clinic will be held on Friday, March 30th, at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance and will cover Dynamics Three through Five. Once students finish all three clinics, they will be eligible to achieve Impact Zone Player Certification by applying to Impact Zone Golf and taking a 50 question test to demonstrate their understanding of Impact Zone’s Five Dynamics. Seven Keiser University College of Golf students have achieved Player Certification to date.

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