It’s That Time of Year!

True golfers look forward all year to the first week of April and The Masters Golf Tournament. While the Tour begins in January in Hawaii, the real golf season starts in April in Augusta. I was 16 years old when I first went to Augusta with my parents in 1963. We drove down from Memphis, bought a ticket at the gate next to the 4th green, and walked into a slice of heaven. I still have the yellow Masters cap I bought (although it is definitely worse for wear) and can still remember watching Jack Nicklaus sink his winning putt through spectators’ legs in front of the 18th green.

I’ve been back a few times since, but my fondest memories throughout my life have been sitting in front of the TV during Masters weekend with family and friends watching the drama unfold on the back 9 on Sunday afternoon. This year should be another exciting finish – Phil Mickelson peaked last weekend, Tiger will be in contention regardless of how he strikes the ball, new faces will emerge, and the weather can bring a lot of others into the mix. The greens, as always, will present the biggest challenge, so the player with the hottest putter will definitely have the advantage.

It all starts today with the par-3 contest, and you can rest assured that I will record it and watch it tonight after work. Don’t call me on the weekend, as my phone will go unanswered. The lawn will have to wait, chores will be delayed, and each night I will fall asleep with visions of magnolias in my dreams. So, to all my golfing friends throughout the universe, Happy New Year – it’s Masters Week!

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