Impact Zone Golf Player Certifications Earned by College of Golf Students

Keiser University College of Golf students Brian Publ and Jamie Kotulka are the two most recent students to achieve Impact Zone Golf™ Player Certification this week. Brian and Jamie completed the Certification by attending five hours of instruction and clinics provided by Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Master Professional and Impact Zone Golf Master Instructor, covering the five dynamics of Impact Zone Golf as detailed in Bobby Clampett’s book The Impact Zone. They then took a fifty question test, scoring 90% and above to achieve their certifications. They may now pursue Impact Zone Golf Associate Instructor Certification by performing as Teaching Assistants during two more Impact Zone Golf clinics, taking another test, and achieving a handicap of eight or less by graduation.

Keiser University College of Golf is the only golf college to offer these certifications, and Bobby Clampett visits The College of Golf twice annually to speak to students and demonstrate the effectiveness of the five dynamics. For more information, visit  and

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