Golf Handicap Calculators

Golf Handicap calculator
There are many reasons why you may need a golf handicap calculator.

Perhaps you don’t play very often and a charity event has come up that you want to participate in, or you have a family reunion that you know will end up on the golf course.

While you may dabble in the game here and there, your skill set may just not be as refined as the people you are playing with.

Here are a few options you have when decided what form of golf handicap calculator is right for you.

USGA for the handicap guidelines and free calculator.

You will need to know your handicap index and slope rating.

If you are just starting out, you will need to play between 5 and 10 rounds of golf so you have the specific information you need about your game.

So if you are playing an 18 hole course you will only need 5 rounds worth of scores, and if you are playing a 9 hole course you will need 10 rounds worth of scores.
You will calculate your index based on those scores. The slope rating is how difficult or easy the course is.

Local Calculator

Some courses offer a local or custom golf handicap calculator for their particular course and region.

This can be a great option for you if you generally play at the same golf course every time.

However, be sure you ask them if the calculator is available on spreadsheet software that you understand how to use.

These can get a little complicated if you have never used them before.

Also, while many people follow the USGA guidelines, know that there are RCGA guidelines, and particular courses may vary in their handicap rules and guidelines.

By Hand

Yes, calculating your index and keeping up with your handicap can be done by hand if you are confident in your math skills and want to take the time to do it this way.

There won’t be a spreadsheet involved, but good old fashion pen and paper and a lot of rounding, multiplying, averaging, and all of those other calculations that are required to get your numbers right.

Remember, if you choose to perform your golf handicap calculator by hand you’ll have to factor in the best handicap differentials and any exceptional tournament scores, among other things.


If you don’t want to use the spreadsheet provided by your local golf course or from the USGA, you can find spreadsheet software that will allow you to build a golf handicap calculator. Just like doing this by hand, you can expect this to be a more time consuming way to get to the final number.

But if working with spreadsheet software is something that you enjoy, this might be a fun option for you.

Others on the other hand may not have the patience to focus on this method of developing a golf handicap calculator.

The goal here is to find the best calculator for you so you can keep your handicap current throughout the season.

Help is at Hand

Calculating your golf handicap can be a complicated process, even for a seasoned pro.

The good news is that there are loads of good resources online for golfers of all levels.

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