Golf Degree Benefits

If you love the game of golf, a golf degree can provide you with a good living while you are able to do what so many are not able to do: work at a career in an industry you love.

Golf is a popular sport in every corner of the globe.

Some estimates put the economic output of the golf industry at $76 billion every calendar year.

Experts say there are over 2 million jobs in the golf industry.

These numbers tell us that golf is an industry with opportunity for creative, ambitious individuals who want to grow their career in a sport they like to play.

Let’s check out a few golf degree benefits:

Golf Degree benefits

Booming Business

Across the United States there are:

  •  Almost 25,000,000 golf nuts playing this crazy game.
  • More than 5 million female golfers.
  • 3 million golfers in the junior ranks.
  • More than 11 million golfers who travel to play every year.
  • An incredible 15,000 golf tracks. (More than 10,000 are public links.)
  • More than 416 million rounds of golf played annually.
  • 5 million more golfers now then were involved in the sport in 1985.

These dramatic statistics show that golf will always be a strong industry.

The popularity of golf goes up and down over the years, but the long-term trend is clear – this is a sport with a solid future.

Immediate Focus

Most colleges don’t focus on the golf aspect until later in the degree.

At a golf college, you find out what you want to learn right at the beginning.

You learn about greens, turf varieties, teaching, operations — you learn every aspect of the industry.

Improve Your Game

Maybe you wanted to compete as a player at the highest levels, but an injury held you back.

The Keiser University College of Golf provides on-site lessons every week.

Not only are you learning more about the sport, your own game is getting better.

Every golfer wants to gain the skills they need to get better.

We offer indoor putting and short game areas as well as hitting stations with full computer simulation.

Our career service advisors will teach you ways to be involved in golf without having to be on tour.

Golf management degrees

Advanced Technology

At golf schools, you work with advanced technology.

Even in the repair shop, they have the latest computers and equipment.

You may not even know some of the testing equipment that’s available until you attend a good golf school.

There are simulators that give you detailed data about your swing – advanced equipment that helps you stay on the cutting edge.

Check and see what Keiser University College of Golf has to offer at our indoor training area.

Variety of Opportunities

At the College of Golf, we train young men and women to be successful in the golf business.

Many of them become club professionals and teaching professionals.

There are also careers in operations like retail stores and other opportunities.

Typical Day

A typical golf college degree takes 16 months over two academic years to complete.

In the final semesters, students start to get prepared for a job in the field.

A typical day-in-the-life of a student at The College of Golf at Keiser University includes 2 morning and 2 afternoon class sessions each week, with ample opportunity to hit the PGA golf club.

Learn more about the student experience here.

 Help Real People

One of the golf degree benefits is the impact you can make on a regular golfers.

Effective golf teaching provides amateurs with insider knowledge that helps them take their game to the next level and enjoy it more.

Equipment design and development is another area where golf degree graduates have the opportunity to help everyday golfers.

Many golfers do not know the benefit of being properly fit for their clubs.

A knowledgeable golf professional can make a huge difference in their game by providing them with the right equipment designed for their specific swing.

Golf Dream Realized

Some people want to work in traditional business, but others want to work in the exciting world of golf.

Keiser University’s College of Gold, is a Florida golf school where you can get a golf degree and live your dream.

Contact us today to get started. (888) 355-4465 / (561)478-5500.

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