Golf Course Rating Vs. Slope Rating [Infographic]

course rating vs slope rating

A golf course’s slope rating is listed on their score card, along with the par for that course and the course rating. These numbers are intended to help golfers determine the difficulty of the course.

  • Course and slope rating are both used in determining a handicap differential.
  • The course rating is an estimated average score for a scratch golfer. It’s usually a number between 67 and 77.
  • Slope Rating is also an estimated average, but it’s for what an average or bogey golfer would shoot on that course.

Let’s take a look at slope rating in action:

Jane and Alice both shoot 85.

Jane is playing on a course with a slope rating of 120.

Alice is playing on a course with a slope rating of 150.

Alice is the better golfer.

When playing together, since Alice often plays on a more difficult course, she would have to allow Jane to add a few strokes to her handicap to balance things out.

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