For students who are interested in golf club repair, The College of Golf Keiser University will have a 700+ square foot club repair lab completely outfitted with Mitchell Golf Equipment Company equipment and supplies. Mitchell Golf Equipment Company is recognized as #1 on Tour and touring professionals “depend on Mitchell® measuring and bending machines in tour repair vans at every tournament to properly adjust their golf club angles.” The College of Golf Keiser University club repair lab will contain four regripping stations, golf shaft frequency analyzers, loft and lie bending machines, and a vast assortment of other equipment used in assembling, reshafting, and adjusting/ changing the playability of golf clubs.

Students will have the opportunity to have their golf clubs evaluated and adjusted by PGA professionals to best fit their game. Additionally, students will learn the intricacies of golf club repair and adjustment in a classroom from an expert instructor, and will then be able to put their knowledge to work in the club repair lab with hands-on activities involving repairing and adjusting golf clubs.

PGA Instructors who teach the Club Repair class will have completed the Mitchell Golf Equipment Club Repair Seminar and will be certified to teach using Mitchell Equipment. For more details about Mitchell Golf Equipment, visit

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