In addition to the playing and practice opportunities at the nearby PGA Golf Club and PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, College of Golf Keiser University students are able to take group and individual lessons from the highly qualified staff of PGA Teaching Professionals on a daily basis.

Lessons, which are included in the cost of tuition, are offered outdoors at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance. Also, lessons will be conducted in The College of Golf Keiser University’s high-tech indoor training facility, where students will have access to the Motion Analysis Technology by Taylor Made (MATT) system, an AboutGolf indoor simulator with video analysis using the V-1 system, and indoor hitting stations with ball launch monitors and computer video analysis equipment.

As part of the curriculum, College of Golf Keiser University students will learn how to use all of these technologies to enhance their teaching skills. The College of Golf Keiser University will offer golf ball fitting, iron fitting, driver fitting, wedge fitting, and putter fitting for its students, in an effort to maintain the cutting edge technology needed to maximize their golf games. Instruction will also be offered in the areas of scoring, course management, and the mental approach.

PGA Instructors at College of Golf Keiser University are experienced in the historical/traditional methods of instruction and themodern methods such as Stack and Tilt, One Plane/Two Plane, Dave Pelz and Stan Utley. The PGA Instructors’ goals are to work with you on your game to maximize your abilities, not necessarily to change your swing or force you into a different swing.

Swing changes can be made, but only if the student wishes and is dedicated  to many hours of instruction and practice.

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