Dr. Eric Wilson Guest Speaks at Savanna Golf Club

Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Master Professional and Executive Director of Keiser University College of Golf, was invited to speak to a the Savanna Golf Club Golf Association membership on Tuesday evening. Dr. Wilson addressed 45 Association members and discussed Keiser University College of Golf, the history of golf, and playing with hickory golf clubs. The Savanna Golf Club hosts Keiser University College of Golf students during the History of Golf class, when the students play with hickory shafted golf clubs in a Scramble format. The students also dress the part, wearing plus-fours, long-sleeve shirt with tie, and hats/caps from the early 1900s.

Members of the Savanna Golf Club Golf Association are always intrigued with College of Golf students when they play their course, and many members commented on how polite and professional College of Golf students were during the course of play.

One member of the Golf Association shared that he just turned 80 years old and shot 4-under par in his last round at Savanna Golf Club – just goes to show that golf is an ageless game that can be played, and played well, throughout life.

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