Don’t Chase the Numbers and Sacrifice Your Ability to Play the Game

With the fantastic technology available to golfers today, there exists a danger that we may become “technology bound” when working on our golf games. Launch monitors such as TrackMan, Flight Scope, Achiever, and Foresight provide outstanding feedback on launch conditions, club movement, and resulting golf ball flight. However, if we don’t take care, we can become “technology bound,” trying to “dial in” specific numbers such as launch angle (both vertical and horizontal), spin loft, trajectory, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, landing angle, etc. We must never lose sight of the fact that we must be able to play the game under varying conditions (we never have two identical shots to play) and that sometimes, “perfect” swings do not result in perfect shots. If used properly with the assistance of an experienced PGA Professional, launch monitors can be very beneficial in correcting problems in your game and/or fitting clubs to your most accurate specifications. Just remember that you can’t use a launch monitor on the golf course and differing conditions produce different shot characteristics when playing. Enjoy the challenge of working with the launch monitors, but don’t become a “slave” to the numbers!

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