The Difference Between Play Golf and Golfing [Infographic]

The Difference Between Play Golf and Golfing

Are you a true golfer or just “playing golf”?
Here’s how to tell the difference. It starts with language.

  • To Golf (verb) – to play golf (sport)

Ex. I was golfing with my boss yesterday.

  • Golf (noun) – a game played on a large course in which players hit a small white ball into a cup.

Ex. I was playing golf with my boss yesterday.
It’s really night and day, and true golfers know the difference between the two language forms.

Those serious about the sport do not use the verb form. Even Golf Digest refrains from using the word golfing.

Only real golfers use the noun form of the word, which typically follows the verb play, played or playing.

While swimmers may go swimming and cyclists do go cycling, golfers just don’t go golfing.

It may sound simple, but if you want to be a real golfer, it is essential you get your verbs and nouns right.

Using the proper language is just part of golf etiquette, just like wearing the right attire onto the golf course.

You wouldn’t wear a sleeveless shirt and work boots onto the fairways, would you?

So, the next time you hear someone in the clubhouse use the term golfing, you’ll know right off the bat what category they fall in.

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