In Sam Froggatte’s (CEO Eyeline Golf) January 21st email, he references Deliberate Practice and Anders Ericsson’s article on “Deliberate Practice and Acquisition of Expert Performance: A General Overview.” Eyeline Golf ( has an incredible array of training aids and information to aid every level of golfer in his/her quest for improved performance and lower scores.

In reviewing Ericsson’s article, he states “Significant improvements in performance were realized when individuals were

1) given a task with a well-defined goal,
2) motivated to improve,
3) provided with feedback, and
4) provided with ample opportunities for repetition and gradual refinements of their performance.”

Before jumping right into a training scenario, every golfer should go through a skill level assessment to provide a “blueprint” of what specific areas of the game require/desire improvement. These areas include: Pre-Swing Fundamentals (Grip, Aim, Setup), In-Swing Fundamentals (Technique, Consistency, Accuracy, Distance, Balance), Short Game (Partial Wedges, Pitching, Chipping, Bunker Play, Putting), Course Management, Mental Game, Rules/ Etiquette, and Equipment Evaluation. Once the golfer has a clear picture of his/her abilities and has decided which skills require improvement, then effective training can begin and Deliberate Practice can be introduced.

Otherwise, beginning a training session without an assessment would be like beginning a trip without a map; whichever road you choose will get you there, but it may not be where you want to go.

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