College of Golf Alumni James Beesley Accepts Dream Golf Job

Here at the College of Golf we recently received exciting news – a prior student shared his success story of achieving his first golf job after graduating from the College of Golf. James Beesley, a prior student at the College of Golf, was recently offered a position as Assistant Professional at Monte Rei Golf Club in Portugal, voted top 10 course in Europe! He applied for the job back in May along with 150 other applications. James shares his story below. What an exciting job for this College of Golf alumni. Congratulate him, in the comments below and tell us what your dream golf job is!

Dear Brian, Dr Wilson, Greg and all the members of staff at COG, Today I had a phone call from the Director of Golf at Monte Rei Golf Club in Portugal voted number 10 course in Europe offering me a job as Assistant Professional. I applied for the job back in May along with 150 other applicants, he interviewed 35 over the phone and met 5 of us for a face to face interview when he came over for The Open and he came to the decision I was his number one choice. I had been offered another job down in London this past weekend so I had the luxury of turning that offer down today, but both Professionals and many others have commented on the professionalism and strength of my resume, cover letter and portfolio which is down to the knowledge and guidance I received at the COG.

Brian I would like to thank you for all the times you looked over my resume, cover letter, portfolio and just generally talking with me about my future and helping me get a clear picture of what I wanted to do and how I would get there. Dr. Wilson, thank you for organising the curriculum, volunteer opportunities and all of your guidance during my time at the COG, and Greg, thank you for allowing me to work at the Legacy to gain experience at a high end private facility, I knew short term it was not ideal but it was a major factor in me being offered this job. To all the staff and teachers Dona, Frank, John, David, thank you for being there to give me the knowledge and help in my career development.

This job for me is not ‘a’ job it is ‘the’ job, and I know I would not be in this position without the help and support of everyone at the COG.
I made so many friends there and had the time of my life and is something I will never forget, so thank you again and if you ever find yourselves in Portugal get in touch.

Kind Regards,
James Beesley

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