Broken Tees and Mended Hearts


A Life’s Journey Serving Wounded Warriors & Injured Spirits

By Judy Alvarez, PGA, LPGA


My good friend Judy Alvarez just published a book about her efforts in support of teaching golf to the physically challenged. As the introduction in her book explains:

“There are no walls in Judy Alvarez’s office. No windows or ceilings, just fresh air and a bagful of hope and promise. For more than 20 years, Alvarez, a PGA and LPGA Professional, has been the “CEO” of her domain at one of many practice ranges throughout the country where she has met men and women in search of a new chapter in their lives. Golf has been their vehicle, and Alvarez has been the driver. For the first time, comes a narrative that takes you into the environment of teacher-student that extends beyond a traditional “how-to” book. The teaching career of Alvarez moves like the eye of the camera as Judy provides her expertise to the physically-challenged. The stories will provide inspiration to those living with disabilities, their families and golf professionals dedicated to improving their students’ quality of life. Judy Alvarez’s teaching career began with the physically-challenged, and it is because of that unique starting point that we discover how any golf professional can move into unchartered teaching territory. “ If you are looking for an inspiring, motivating, emotional, and uplifting read, please pick up a copy of this book and join Judy Alvarez on her journey.

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