Are You Ready For an AI Caddie?

AI caddie
Show up, keep up and shut up, those are the three ups of being a professional caddy, one of the most thankless careers in golf.

Now, the real-life caddy is being replaced, and their ability to help a golfer prepare for the next shot could be out the window.

Arccos Golf and Microsoft have teamed up to put the caddy back at the clubhouse, as the pair have created the Arccos AI Caddie.

Recently released on iPhone and in development for Android devices, the AI Caddie gives golfers advice on what shot to hit.

Unlike a real caddy, who gives advice based on years of watching and playing golf, the AI caddie uses data to determine how a shot should be taken.

It is an ingenious tool that could revolutionize golf, and turn beginners into seasoned players in no time.

The only problem is, the AI Caddie doesn’t offer the same banter and wit as your usual caddy.

How does it work?

Arccos Caddie uses geotagged data points to provide the best golf strategy when teeing off.

The program has a database featuring over 40,000 golf courses from around the world, and it crunches the numbers so you can get the best mathematical shot.

The app doesn’t just stop there, it allows for weather and wind when it makes its decision.

The golf genius inside your phone also keeps track of your shot history and other golfers who use the app.

Like a real-life caddy, you will get expert advice on which club to use for a specific hole; and chances are, you won’t second guess the app if you slice your shot.

Success isn’t cheap

The Arccos Caddie can revolutionize the sport of golf, and won’t break the bank.

Firstly, a golfer will need to purchase the Arccos system which runs at $250. Then, the Arccos golf sensors must be attached to the grips of your golf clubs.

The AI Caddie isn’t just an app, but it connects to your clubs, in essence, making them “smart clubs”.

Once the sensors have been connected, you can download the app and connect it to the clubs.

Now, you have a golf game being tracked by an iPhone app that gives you realtime feedback that can improve your golf game.

According to the Arccos Caddie website, players will need to play five rounds of golf with the Arccos 360 program to unlock the AI Caddie.

This is simply to produce enough data on your game to make the program fully functional.

Once you get everything up and running, the shot improving program will set you back $20 a month or $100 for the year.

Can the pros use it?

If you are looking for a career in golf, don’t expect to use the Arccos Caddie on the PGA Tour.

The USGA claims that golfers will be in breach of rule 14-3 when asked about the use of device during a tournament.
That doesn’t mean it can’t be used prior to the golf round.

There is no rule preventing golfers from consulting with the AI Caddie before the start of the day, only one that stops them from using it during play.

Therefore, players can do their homework before stepping onto the course in an attempt to one-up the competition.

Is the Arccos Caddie for you?

Finding a way to improve your game, regardless of cost, is important.

If you take your golf game seriously or hope to have a career in golf, it may be worth the investment.

Of course, there are the purists who don’t want technology to be introduced to the sport or golf to change at all.

That’s fine, but for players that want to find a way to make their golf outings better, no matter what level they play at, it is a program worth trying.

The future of golf

Golf is already moving toward an easier to understand game in terms of rules, and this season’s Golf Sixes tournament was another attempt at creating new fans of the game.

Allowing players to use AI during a round, not before but actually during, could be the future of the sport.
It could also be the way the game evolves and brings fresh blood into the game of all games.

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