A Brush With History

I received a phone call last week from Dr. Bob Raynes, father of Keiser University College of Golf & Sport Medicine Advisory Board Member Mr. Bob Raynes, telling me about Charles E. “Chuck” MacCallum, a gentleman who wanted to donate 75 golf books from his collection to our library.

Some of the books date from the early 1940’s, and a couple of them were autographed by famous golfers with whom Chuck played many rounds of golf. Byron Nelson signed a copy of his book Winning Golf, and Sam Snead wrote in his Education of a Golfer “To Chuck, a helluva player, Always, Sam Snead.” Chuck also played many rounds of golf with Dr. Cary Middlecoff, the dentist and major champion from Memphis, Tennessee.

I was fortunate, as a teenager, to take lessons from Dr. Middlecoff’s instructor at Memphis Country Club, Doc Mitchell. Chuck and I spent almost an hour talking about great players we both knew, great courses we both played, and how wonderful the great game of golf has been to us. Chuck played in three British Amateurs, and made it as far as the quarter finals in one of them.

I was fortunate to play in the 1976 British Amateur at St. Andrews, Scotland. The stories he told were priceless and come from a time when golf was a driving force in our culture and society and shaped our beliefs and behaviors. It was a sincere pleasure meeting Chuck MacCallum, and I will treasure the time we spent together.

As he left, we promised to have lunch together and catch up on more memories – I can’t wait to hear more from this legend of amateur golf.

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