Three Golf Tips for Beginners

golf tips for beginnersWhen you decide to learn the game of golf, you are also getting involved in a game that prides itself on sportsmanship and an appreciation of nature. If there is one thing that new golfers must have plenty of, it is patience. It takes time to learn how to master the swing and send your drive sailing down the middle of a fairway.

The payoff to having patience and working hard is being able to enjoy a game that offers a challenge each time you play it. If you are just getting started with the game of golf, then there are three golf tips you should keep in mind as you learn how to properly play this venerable game.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

When you start your first golf lessons, your instructor will inevitably emphasize the old adage of keeping your eye on the ball. The primary reason for keeping your eye on the ball is to allow you to make good contact on each swing. You cannot hit what you cannot see. By keeping your eye on the ball, you can help improve the hand-eye coordination you need to always make good contact on each swing.

The other reason for keeping your eye on the ball is that forcing yourself to look down at the ball while you are making contact also prevents you from lifting up your shoulders as you swing. One of the biggest challenges new golfers have is maintaining a flat swing horizon by keeping their shoulders down as they swing through the ball. By keeping your head down and your eye on the ball, you are also forcing yourself to keep your shoulders down and executing a technically sound swing.

Slow And Easy Wins The Day

Some golf tips are difficult for new players to understand because those new players have been watching professionals play the game on television and it looks like the professionals are swinging those clubs pretty fast. The truth is that a professional spends a while on the driving range before their round getting into a tempo that they can take out on the course with them. Any professional will tell you that when it comes to swinging the club, slow and easy is always the best approach.

There are several elements to a golf swing that dictate the speed of the swing and they are all used together to create power. Once you learn the proper swing, you will quickly understand that the pros are not necessarily swinging the club fast; they are swinging the club in rhythm.

Sportsmanship Is Everything

New golfers need to learn etiquette rules such as never stepping in the line of someone else’s putt and always remain silent when your opponent is taking a swing. Golf is often referred to as a gentleman’s game because of the many etiquette rules that players must follow, but those rules are actually put in place to allow players to perform their best on each swing. In golf, sportsmanship is everything and you must learn the rules of etiquette before playing your first real round.

The game of golf can be a great way to escape from the rest of the world and just lose yourself in nature for a few hours. If you truly want to enjoy the game, then it is important to learn the mechanics of a good golf swing and the rules of play that allow everyone to enjoy a day on the course.
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